Finance a Car In The Riverland

Found the perfect new or used car? Ready to buy but need to arrange some finance? Speak to the experts at Rosenthal Automotive today. Our team of specialists will help you find the best financing package to suit you. Whether it’s a low deposit or tailored rates of financing, you can be certain we’ll do all we can to get you a great deal.

We work hard to ensure that you’re always able to buy the vehicle of your choice for the best-possible price. That’s why our finance calculator will enable you to see exactly how much you will be required to pay. Simply enter your deposit and the length of term of your agreement and we’ll provide you with a quotation on costs. And if you’re curious about you credit score, yours is just one click and a couple of keystrokes away! Just click ‘Finance Score’ to get started.

We are here to help you navigate through the ever changing world of vehicle financing, whether you want to know more about Guaranteed Future Value is and how it works, Novated Leasing and how it may benefit you, or are considering a loan for business use. We’re always here to answer any questions you might have to help you make the best choice for your unique situation.

Once you’re ready to make your new, used or ex-demonstrator car purchase, get in touch with the team at Rosenthal Automotive direct to discuss the options best suited to your budget. You’ll be driving away in your next vehicle in no time.

Finance Options

Browse our most popular finance options below to find a finance package tailored just for you. We hope you'll be pleasantly surprised with what we can offer.

What is a Car Loan?


A car loan is a loan that is designed specifically for buying a car, as opposed to an unsecured personal loan which can be used to purchase anything from a holiday to renovations. The reason it is specifically for a car is that the car is taken as security against the loan, which means there is less risk for the lender, meaning they can offer you more money at lower interest rate in return. 

Loan terms are available over 1 to 7 years* for personal customers, and 1 to 5 years with the option of a residual (or balloon payment)* if you have an ABN and are using the car for business purposes.These types of loans for businesses are often called Chattel Mortgages.

​You have the convenience of choosing between weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments and our repayment options have the flexibility to fit in with your existing pay cycles, savings plans and other outgoing expenses.​ You will always know exactly what you’re going to pay and when, with your interest rate fixed for the term of your loan.

Our interest rates do not follow a one size fits all approach. Instead, with our sophisticated software we calculate an interest rate based on your individual circumstances.​ It’s transparent, and personalised to you.To get an understanding of your tailored rate, use the Finance Score feature on our website or contact us or ask to speak to our Business Manager in the dealership..

Once you have chosen your perfect vehicle, we offer loan assessments which are fast and easy, so you can begin your journey sooner.

*Subject to lending approval

What is Guaranteed Future Value?


Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is when a finance company guarantees what your car will be worth at the end of your finance term, regardless of its true depreciation.

This guarantee helps to minimise your risk from depreciation at the end of the finance term, at which point you’ll need to decide whether to keep the vehicle by paying the balance – called a Final Payment – or to hand it back, or to trade it in. If your car drops in value more than was predicted, the finance company will incur any shortfall. You could hand it back with nothing more to pay – even if, at that time, it’s worth much less on the actual market than the GFV. 

All sorts of outside factors can exacerbate depreciation, and some cars can drop in value more quickly than comparable models. So having a GFV brings real peace of mind should second-hand prices plummet unexpectedly. It’s the finance company that carries the risk, not you.

With a traditional personal car loan without a balloon payment, your repayments are based on the entire loan amount. Whereas, having a GFV you can enjoy lower monthly repayments,^ leaving you free to spend your money on other things – like the first road trip in your new car. The great news is, that you can also update your car to suit your changing needs and lifestyle a lot more often than you ordinarily would, as loan terms are usually 1 to 4 years. 

If you love your car and want to keep it though? Simply pay the final payment – equal to the GFV. We can also help you with refinancing this amount if you need.

What's the catch I can hear you saying? The GFV is based on an agreed kilometre allowance. This is the anticipated maximum number of kilometres you have committed to driving in your vehicle throughout the term of the contract with the finance company. Exceeding this figure may may have an effect on the GFV or incur penalty payments, as the car may have depreciated further than originally calculated. With annual limits between 10,000 and 50,000 kilometres to choose from, you can be certain that you'll be able to choose a term and kilometre allowance that best match your driving needs and avoid any unexpected changes to the GFV at the end of the term. 

‘Fair wear and tear’ is another consideration to bear in mind. You need to keep your vehicle in ‘reasonable’ condition for its age and kilometres at end of finance term, and you must have kept up with official servicing schedules. However if you think about it, these already factor into the trade in price given by a dealership if you were to finance you vehicle another way.  

Here at Rosenthal Automotive we offer Guaranteed Future Value loans through Mazda Assured and Hyundai CarPlan. Click on the links to find out more about each of the programs, as the terms and conditions vary slightly. There you can also read the Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines as well. 

If you have any questions regarding this innovative new product, feel free to talk to us either online or in the dealership about whether this is something to consider for your next vehicle purchase. In these uncertain times, its nice to have some guarantees. 

^Lower monthly repayments compared to a similar term with no Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) or equivalent balloon final payment. Total interest changes will be higher if a GFV or balloon final payment is selected.

What is Salary Packaging?


Salary packaging is the clever way to pay for your next car. Our salary packaging gives employees the same great income tax and GST savings on cars and running costs that larger businesses and government employees like nurses, teachers and public servants have enjoyed for years!

By using a combination of pre-tax and post-tax income from your wages and getting the benefit of fleet pricing, salary packaging will cover your car repayments and all its running costs, saving you real money. Every vehicle expense can be covered in the salary package including fuel, servicing, tyres, comprehensive insurance, registration and even car washing! You save on tax for these as well as for the car itself. This is because Novated leasing lets you pay your vehicle expenses before tax.

Our Salary Packaging is completely flexible and adjustable to your needs, so if your circumstances change and you find yourself doing more or less kms than originally planned, we can adjust your lease budgets. Best of all, anything you haven’t used will be paid back to you!

It’s clever, it’s easy and it’s ATO and Government compliant – no FBT for you or your employer and no log books to keep* All bills for the car like fuel and servicing are paid and you can track them all online anytime you like.
*Log books are only required for business use and not required for 100% private use.

And unlike other fleet management companies, we don’t charge procurement fees; we pass the full savings back to you. You get salary packaging prices regardless – which can save you thousands off the recommended retail pricing as well as saving thousands in GST. The best news is, you don't need to purchase a Mazda, Mitsubishi or Hyundai in order to Salary Package through us. You can purchase any vehicle and we are able to procure it for you.

Contact us today to see how you can get some of the benefits that Government, Health and Large Private Industry employees have enjoyed for years.

If you are an employer, talk to us today about saving on FBT, Payroll Tax and Workcover costs by giving your full time or permanent part time staff that earn a minimum of $25k per annum access to Salary Packaging.

Our leasing company uses ATO and Government compliant salary packaging rules and processes, so no worries for your business.It costs you nothing to set up, nothing to run, it takes no time or effort for you or your staff and we provide full support throughout the term of the salary package if they have any questions.

We are also able to assist those South Australian Government employees with existing Salary Package providers such as Maxxia. Please contact us for more options. Our aim is always to save you money and save you from having to travel long distances to pick up your new car. We recognise that when you salary package, you are still buying your own car, and will always treat you like a customer, not a fleet buyer.

We are experts in Salary Packaging, please schedule an appointment with our Business Manager or Belinda to go through your own situation in detail so you can decide if Salary Packaging is right for you.

What is Car Subscription?


Going by Forbes predictions, by 2025 there could be 1.9 million subscription cars driving on Aussie roads. In some ways, it’s pretty amazing to think that in just 5 years’ time, around 10 percent of all new vehicle sales could be accounted for by car subscription. But then also – is it really that surprising? There’s no doubt we love our subscriptions, and they’re well and truly here to stay.

Car Subscription is a new way to drive. Unlike traditional car ownership, you’re not locked into one car and you no longer have the budget stress of all of the running costs. Car registration, insurance, maintenance, servicing and roadside assistance are all covered in your one affordable weekly payment. There’s no lock-in contracts and no balloon payments ever. Its car driving, commitment free, risk free and stress free.

And Car Subscription also isn’t leasing, renting or car-sharing. It provides so much more flexibility. If you don’t want to buy or lease a car, or you’re unable to get a loan, this is a fantastic alternative. Perhaps you’re thinking about a new car, but haven’t settled on what model. Or you just love to have the latest. Maybe your family has grown, or you’re off on a road trip. Overall – the car subscription model is perfect for people who want simplicity, and flexibility when it comes to their car.

Car Subscription is made up of two components, a plan and the car. The plans range from $99 to $199 per week and differ depending on how many kilometres you do per week, and how often you would like to be able to swap your car. Car prices for a brand new car start at $80 per week and are displayed on the vehicle description pages in the Blinker button.

There are so many people that can benefit from Car Subscription, but here are our top 5;

1. Self-employed
Buying or leasing a car can be a challenge when you’re self-employed – not to mention the commitment. (And let’s not talk about the dreaded balloon payments!). With Car Subscription, there’s no financials needed, and you can change cars as your income fluctuates or your business expands.
2. Loan Declined
Now there’s another option if you’ve had your loan application denied, but you still need a reliable and affordable car.
3. Frequent travellers
Do you travel a lot, or only need a car sometimes – and don’t want the ongoing commitment and cost of car ownership?
4. On Probation at Work or on a Visa
If you’ve just started a new job or are on a visa but don't want to wait, you’ve got the option of subscribing until you can apply for a loan. (That’s if you don’t to just keep subscribing!)
5. Latest Model Lovers
If you think that change is as good as a holiday, or you love the thought of upgrading as soon as new models are released, you’ll love the flexibility of having a subscription.

If you would like more information about car subscription, please contact us at the dealership or visit our new website